End of 2014

Exactly five years ago, I was sat at this desk reading through a welter of Facebook posts celebrating the end of a decade.  Such milestones inevitably draw one’s thoughts towards the future, and I was acutely aware that not only was I unsure of where I would be in 10 years time, I also had no idea where I would be in just 12 months time.

Well, five years on, I can safely say that the last five years have been utterly fantastic.  From finishing off my A levels at Ipswich School, to an immensely fulfilling gap-year at Tewkesbury Abbey to student life in all its glories at Worcester College.  I could not have imagined that I would have had so many wonderful experiences in just a few short years.

This year was particularly special – my time at Oxford drew to a close with a madly busy six months for the Chapel Choirs of Worcester College – two recordings, a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and a concert at St John’s Smith Square were the special projects, alongside daily music making with treasured friends and colleagues.  A tour to Rome finished my time with the choirs, and it is somewhat surreal to consider that my final ‘gig’ with Worcester College was directing the Boys’ Choir at Mass in the Vatican!  And just as special are weekly pattern of evensongs, the regular socialising with many great people, the chance to study a subject that I love at this level.  Oxford was everything I hoped it would be, if not more so.

Over the last four months, I have enjoyed being part of one of the country’s leading cathedral music departments, at Wells.  To observe such fantastic musicianship at close quarters has been fantastic and I have learnt so much already from the superlative musicians who are present.  I am looking forward to my remaining six months at Wells a huge amount.

So this half of the decade ends the way it began – I have no idea where I will be in twelve months time, let alone a few years.  Time to hang on and enjoy the ride again – here we go, 2015!

Have a good one! x

Apologies for the navel-gazing post. There won’t be another one for at least another five years. Promise.


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