Frank Skinner in conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury

By way of resurrecting this blog, following its transfer to WordPress (after the closure of Posterous last week), I thought I would link to a series of videos that I enjoyed watching over the weekend.

Frank Skinner’s event with the then-Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, took place back in 2011 and is well worth watching.  Apart from the amazing moment during the first video where the PA system lets them down and a man can be heard to angrily shout, “I can’t hear you!” several times (failing PA systems are one of the cornerstones of the Anglican church, in my opinion!), there are many excellent points raised by Skinner.  I have long admired him as a comic, but did not know of his religious inclination until I happened upon this video.  He makes many excellent points, from the rise of atheism as an intellectual position, to God’s ultimate sacrifice in becoming man.

All four parts of the video are embedded below, and here is the transcript of the event.