Sibelius launches on iPad

This evening I came across the exciting news that Sibelius has launched an iPad app.  Avid Scorch allows the user to open, playback and modify Sibelius files on the move, alongside the ability for in-app purchases of any score from or

The app looks utterly fantastic.  It is really tempting me towards buying an iPad, and it looks so much more practical than a PDF reader.  The ability to transpose a score, use Dynamic Parts or see a keyboard playing it back is brilliant.  I do hope that, in the future, there will be a Sibelius editing app, but this is great in its own right, and something that I've been hoping for, for a long time.

On another note, the release of this app means that the Digital Music Stand that I invented in my head many years ago has finally become a reality.  You can buy an iKlip ( to turn your iPad into a music stand and display Sibelius files on it.  One feature that I imagined, that has not yet appeared to my knowledge, is the ability for the dynamic parts of one score to be opened on different iPads, but all stored centrally, so if the conductor adds a marking it will appear instantly on the part on another iPad.  Perhaps with the iCloud coming soon this will be possible in the future.  I'm not sure whether you can add symbols, or text markings either – I hope this can also be added in a future release.

This app may well tip the balance towards me purchasing an iPad.  And you can't pay it a higher compliment than that!